Famous Golf Blogger Named To USGA Board of Directors

imageResponding to criticism that it is “out of touch” and fails to represent the average golfer, USGA President Thomas O’Toole announced today the appointment of famous golf blogger Tony Korologos to the Executive Board.

“We have heard and understand that the average golfer feels as though we don’t represent their interests,” O’Toole said. “Mr. Korologos gives a voice to the average golfer, of whom tens of millions read his blog.”

Korologos, who in 2004 started one of the original golf blogs, Hooked On Golf Blog, said “I had to think long and hard before accepting this appointment. In the end, however, I decided to make the sacrifice of time that being on the board requires. I feel as though somebody has to start injecting a degree of sanity back into the game.”

“The first thing I’m going to do is to work to ban Footgolf and 15-inch holes from courses,” Korologos said.

Although I’m disappointed that wasn’t chosen, I’m happy for my friend.  Just as bringing a US Open to a public course represented a step in the democratization of the blue-blood organization, so too is naming a regular joe to the board.

April 1, 2015 |  Category: Humor
Posted By The Original Golf Blogger

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Tiger Takes Up Competitive Body Building

In a surprise tweet this morning, Tiger Woods announced that he has given up his pursuit of Nicklaus’ eighteen majors to focus on competitive body building.


I’ve been writing for years that the PGA TOUR and the rest of the golf industry need to prepare for Tiger’s exit from the game. Further,  I’ve long thought that his exit would be sooner, rather than later. The notion of him hanging around until he was fifty to play the Champion’s Tour was just patently absurd. I even correctly predicted that he was done winning Majors after YE Yang stole his mojo.

But even the Original Golf Blogger never saw this one coming.

In retrospect, however, perhaps we should have seen the signs. Hank Haney wrote in The Big Miss of Tiger’s obsession with training, even blaming his injuries on his regime.

And then there was this Vanity Fair cover:


My guess is that Tiger pursues body building with the same single mindedness with which he once pursued golf, and wins championships in his weight and age class.

Fortunately for our eyes, Phil Mickelson has made no similar pronouncements.

April 1, 2015 |  Category: Humor
Posted By The Original Golf Blogger

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Golf Dot Com Files Chapter 11 In Wake of Dufner Divorce


Yesterday’s announcement that Jason and Amanda Dufner are divorcing has far reaching implications in the golf world. Citing dramatic declines in expected future revenues, Golf.Com has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

“Without Amanda Dufner boob photos to draw readers, we project that we will be unable to pay our bills. Consequently, we have filed for Chapter 11 reorganization, seeking protection from creditors,” said Lars Johnson, Vice President for Boob Media at Golf.Com.

“It is our hope that other tour wives will step up to fill the void. We have reached out to Paulina Gretzky Johnson, Amber Watson and Elle Day in hopes of securing long-term agreements.”

Golf Digest is expected to make a similar announcement later today.

It’s a golfing boobpocalypse.

April 1, 2015 |  Category: Humor
Posted By The Original Golf Blogger

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Titleist Hand Warmer

Titleist 2014 Golf Fleece Lined Hand Warmer Black

I bought one of these recently for cold weather rounds with my golf league. When I’m walking, I keep my paws warm in the Ultimittens Push Cart Mitts attached to my cart. With a couple of Zippo Hand Warmers tucked inside, my hands stay warm until that brief moment when I pull a club and take a swing. Even playing barehanded as I do, my fingers never get cold.

The league is a different story. We all ride, and there’s quite a bit of standing around waiting for others to take a shot. For that situation, I think the Titleist Hand Warmer will be perfect. I can easily tuck my hands inside when riding along or waiting. There’s even a zippered pocket on the top, into which I think I may be able to drop of of those aforementioned Zippo hand warmers to keep the whole thing a bit toastier.

April 1, 2015 |  Category: Gadgets
Posted By The Original Golf Blogger

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A Windy March Golf Round

My round of golf yesterday was marked by high winds—gusting to 50 mph according to radio reports. It certainly was a challenge. Hitting into the teeth of the wind made every club fall short—seemingly no matter how clubs I moved up. With the wind, I had no idea how far my ball would fly. And crosswind? Forget it.

On days like this, I find I have to forget about scoring and think about it as a learning experience. Golfers need to learn to play in all weather, and this was one of those days.

One thing I learned was that I’m better off pitching the ball in from a hundred yards with a seven iron than flying it in with a wedge. I also learned that I need to add a Tiger Woods “stinger” to my repitoire.

I don’t often encounter winds like that, but I feel as though I’m now better prepared for the next blustery day.


March 31, 2015 |  Category: Michigan Golf
Posted By The Original Golf Blogger

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Walking Dead Country Club Episode

I loved episode 412 of the Walking Dead where Darryl and Beth found themselves at a post-apocalyptic country club.

March 31, 2015 |  Category: Weird Golf
Posted By The Original Golf Blogger

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Ana Inspiration Past Winners and History


The ANA Inspiration is the latest incarnation of the “Dinah Shore,” a major on the LPGA Tour since 1993.

ANA is All Nippon Airways.

The ANA Inspiration began as a 54 hole tournament, and was known as the Colgate Dinah Shore Tournament. It has always been held at the Old Course at Mission Hills Country Club. The inaugural event was won by Jane Blalock.

Nabisco became the sponsor in 1982. That year, the Dinah Shore was the first LPGA event to have all four rounds broadcast on national television (by ABC—always a friend to golf). The tournament was designed a “Major” by the LGPA the following year.

For those who are not old enough to remember, Dinah Shore was a singer, actress and pioneering television talk show host. Beginning her career in radio as a singer, she had her own program by 1943. During the Second World War, Shore was the first woman to visit troops at the front. After the war, she recorded more than 70 songs, including one called “Dinah”, which gave her the nickname (her real name was Frances Rose). She had her own television variety and talk show starting in 1951. In the late ‘60s and ‘70s, the show was called “Dinah!” and was enormously popular (my mother watched it religiously). She certainly was the pioneer who made Oprah! possible. Shore died in 1994.

For the LPGA, Shore was a tireless promoter—kind of the Bob Hope of women’s golf. Dinah Shore is the first—and only—honorary member of the LPGA Hall of Fame. She was awarded the Patty Berg Award for her contributions to women’s golf.

Shore also left her mark in the traditional celebratory swim after the event. In 1991, she joined Amy Alcott for the dunk—the “swim at the Shore.” Viewers are sure to see the swim again this year.

The current name of the tournament reflects Kraft’s 2000 purchase of Nabisco brands. Kraft Nabisco’s support for the tournament is very strong, offeirng a purse of $1.8 million.

It’s a shame, though, that Dinah Shore’s name no longer is associated with the tournament she started.

Mission Hills will play as a 6,569 yard par 72 for the tournament. The course was designed by Desmond Muirhead. The signature is the 531 yard par 5, with an island green sitting right in front of the clubhouse.


March 31, 2015 |  Category:
Posted By The Original Golf Blogger

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