Approaching a Goal - Washtenaw County Golf
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I am nearing a goal that was set about a year ago when I read of the Golf Blogger’s mission to play and review the courses in Washtenaw County.  My goal was to play every course, public and private.  My recent trip to Ann Arbor Country Club leaves me with just one missing piece of the puzzle, Ann Arbor Golf & Outing.

By my count, there are 28 golf destinations in the County.  A couple facilities have more than one course (Fox Hills and Pine View).  I counted them as one facility but have played all of Fox Hills courses as well as the Little Pine Nine at Pineview .  One surprise occurred when I looked at the County map to make sure I had every course.  Downing Farms is actually in Washtenaw County.  My assumption had always been it was in Oakland.

I don’t really consider U of M private so by my count there are 8 private courses in the county (Ann Arbor CC, Ann Arbor Golf & Outing, Barton Hills, Inverness, Polo Fields Ann Arbor, Polo Fields Washtenaw, Raderick Farms, Travis Pointe).  I guess technically Polo Fields is one facility after the purchase of Washtenaw CC but I still think of them as separate.

I have actually played 30 courses in Washtenaw County but three of them have closed over the years (Hickory Woods, Hickory Sticks and Rolling Hills).  Apparently one way to partially prevent closure of a course is to not include the word “Hickory” in the name.  One of the courses, Eagle Crest, changed its name from Huron Golf Course several years ago.  While I have played the course under both names it was only counted once.

AA Golf & Outing is a bit of a mystery to me except from what I can see looking over the wood rail fence from the 17th tee at U of M.  It is a 9-holer and has been there a long time (about 1890 or so).  It is short (par 33 / 2,500+ yards) and relatively hilly.  I will need to corner a member and get myself invited one of these days.  If all else fails, jumping the fence from U of M may be required.

Next project?  Livingston County.

AA Country Club
AA Golf & Outing (9)
Barton Hills
Downing Farms
Eagle Crest
Fox Hills (45)
Georgetown (9)
Green Oaks
Hickory Creek
Hudson Mills
Huron Hills
Inverness (9)
Lake Forest
Leslie Park
Links at Whitmore Lake
Pierce Lake
Pine View (27)
Polo Fields Ann Arbor
Polo Fields Washtenaw
Raderick Farm
Reddeman Farms
Rolling Meadows
Rustic Glen
Salem Hills
Travis Pointe
University of Michigan

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You’re doing better than I. I don’t see that I’m going to get a realistic chance to play Barton Hills, Travis Pointe or the other private clubs. I just don’t know anyone who belongs to those sorts of courses.