Michigan Course Reviews

Here you’ll find a list of some 90 Michigan golf courses that I’ve played, photographed and reviewed.

In my reviews, I place top priority on fun. As a bogey golfer, I look for opportunities to test my mental and physical game, but do not enjoy being embarrassed by a course that requires constant heroic play. In my mind, a good course offers players a variety of options with commensurate levels of risk and reward.

I’m also quite budget conscious. Under those parameters, I will often prefer an unpretentious but solid $25 muni over a high end course that doesn’t quite live up to its own lofty advertising copy. My favorite course charges a buck a hole, but has greens as good as you’ll find anywhere. The fairways are as much weed as grass, but it is all grown in and always neatly mown. Now THAT’S a bargain.

Finally, preference is given to courses that permit walking. Golf is a walking game and these epic courses with holes a mile apart are an epic fail in my book.

Reviews are based on my impressions of the course on the day(s) I played, and it should be noted that conditions and on occasion even the layout may have changed since I played.

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Angels Crossing, Vicksburg, Michigan
Ann Arbor Country Club, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Arcadia Bluffs, Arcadia, Michigan
Arbor Hills, Jackson, Michigan
Bay Harbor, Petosky, Michigan
Bay Pointe, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Bedford Valley, Augusta, Michigan
Bella Vista Course, Coldwater, Michigan
Binder Park, Battle Creek, Michigan
Black Bear, Vanderbilt, Michigan
Black Forest, Gaylord, Michigan
Black Lake, Onaway, Michigan
Brae Burn, Plymouth, Michigan
Brookside, Saline, Michigan
Calderone, Grass Lake, Michigan
Carleton Glen, Carleton, Michigan
Cascades, Jackson, Michigan
Clark Lake East, Brooklyn, Michigan
College Fields, Okomos, Michigan
Concord Hills, Jackson, Michigan
Coyote Golf Course, South Lyon, Michigan
Coyote Preserve, Fenton, Michigan
Dunham Hills, Hartland, Michigan
Dunmaglas, Charlevoix, Michigan
Eagle Crest, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Elk Ridge, Atlanta, Michigan
Fellows Creek, Canton, Michigan
Forest Akers West, East Lansing, Michigan
Forest Dunes, Roscommon, Michigan
Gauss Green Valley, Jackson, Michigan
Green Oaks, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Gull Lake View East
Gull Lake View West
Hartland Glen, Hartland, Michigan
Hawk Hollow, Bath, Michigan
Hawk Meadows, Howell, Michigan
Hickory Creek, Superior Township, Michigan
Hill’s Heart of the Lakes, Brooklyn, Michigan
Hickory Sticks, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hilltop Golf Course, Plymouth, Michigan
Hudson Mills, Dexter, Michigan
Huntmore, Brighton, Michigan
Huron Meadows, Brighton, Michigan
Indian River, Indian River, Michigan
Indian Springs, White Lake, Michigan
Inkster Valley, Inkster, Michigan
Idyl Wyld, Livonia, Michigan
Kensington Metropark, Milford, Michigan
Lake Erie Metropark Golf Course, Brownstown, Michigan
Lake Forest, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Leslie Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Links at Lake Erie, Monroe, Michigan
Links At Whitmore Lake, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
Lyon Oaks, Wixom, Michigan
McGuire’s Resort, Cadillac, Michigan
Moose Ridge, South Lyon, Michigan
Mystic Creek, Milford, Michigan
New Rogell, Detroit, Michigan
Pierce Lake, Chelsea, Michigan
Pilgrim’s Run, Grand Rapids / Pierson, Michigan
Pine View, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Raisin Valley, Tecumseh, Michigan
Reddeman Farms, Chelsea, Michigan
Rolling Meadows, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
Rouge Park, Detroit, Michigan
Rush Lake Hills, Pinckney, Michigan
Salem Hills, Northville, Michigan
Sandy Creek, Monroe, Michigan
Shepherd’s Hollow, Clarkston, Michigan
Stonebridge, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Stonehedge North, Augusta, Michigan
Stonehedge South, Augusta, Michigan
Stony Creek Metropark Golf Course, Shelby Township, Michigan
St. Clair Golf Club, St. Clair, Michigan
Taylor Meadows, Taylor, Michigan
The Emerald, St. John’s, Michigan
The Fortress, Frankenmuth, Michigan
The Gailes, Oscoda, Michigan
The Golden Fox, Plymouth, Michigan
The Majestic, Howell, Michigan
The Medalist, Marshall, Michigan
The Natural, Gaylord, Michigan
The Orchards, Washington, Michigan
The Nightmare, West Branch, Michigan
The Woodlands of Van Buren, Van Buren, Michigan
Treetops Fazio, Gaylord, Michigan
Treetops Masterpiece, Gaylord, Michigan
Treetops Tradition, Gaylord, Michigan
Tullymore, Stanwood, Michigan
University of Michigan Golf Course, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Warren Valley, Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Western Golf and Country Club, Redford, Michigan
Whiffletree Hill, Concord, Michigan
Willow Metropark Golf Course, New Boston, Michigan
Wolcott Mill Metropark Golf Course, Ray, Michigan

and a few not in Michigan:

Barefoot Landing Norman Course, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Glen Dornoch, Little River, South Carolina
Indiana University Golf Course, Bloomington, Indiana
Lake Buena Vista, Walt Disney World
Musket Ridge, Marysville, Maryland
PB Dye, Ijamsville, Maryland
Whiskey Creek, Ijamsville, Maryland

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Whiffletree Hill Golf Course Review

Whiffletree Hill Golf Course

Whiffletree Hill Golf Course
Concord, Michigan

Grade: C-
Teacher’s Comments: This course has seen better days

Whiffletree Hill Golf Course

I’m of two minds about Whiffletree Hill. On the one hand, I found it to be a friendly and at times enjoyable course. On the other hand, from the dank and mildewed clubhouse to the roughly cut and weedy fairways, it is badly in need of some TLC.

All that said, the price was terrific. With their fall rates, I paid just $10 to walk 18.

From the back tees, Whiffletree Hill stretches to 6,218 yards and plays to a 69.8/116. The white tees measure 5,917 and play to a 67.9/114. In either case, it’s an easier course than most, and even bogey golfers may want to play the blues.

Whiffletree Hill Golf Course

Most of the course consists of wide open, but densely packed and parallel fairways. There’s a certain sameness to the layout and once I thought I had lost my way and was replaying a previous hole. The back nine is a little more interesting than the front. There’s a very nice four hole stretch from ten through thirteen that runs through a wooded area with some interesting doglegs and elevation changes (as below).

Whiffletree Hill Golf Course

At the front center of the course is a small hill (Whiffletree Hill?) that comes into play on three holes. The first is a part three that plays off the hill, the par 4 ninth plays back up to the left of the first tee; the par 4 eighteenth concludes to the right of the first tee. There is also a low ridge at the far end of the course that comes into play on either the tee or green end of ten of the holes. The ridge is somewhere between a half and a full club’s worth of adjustment.

Whiffletree Hill Golf Course

My favorite hole was the 438 yard par 5 twelfth (above). It is a dogleg right with about a 120 degree turn. A couple of bunkers are on the outside of the bend near the likely tee landing area.  A good tee shot could avoid those by skirting the trees that line the right side of the fairway. If you get caught short, however, you’ll have no shot around the bend.  A nice conundrum. From there, it plays slightly uphill through a tunnel of trees to a nicely framed, and slightly elevated green.

Conditions on the day I visited were just adequate. The greens were in fairly good shape, but fairways were weedy and not well mown. I don’t mind weeds in the fairways—or even fairways that are mostly weeds—but I do like the weeds to be evenly mown. At the level I play (14 handicapper), grass or weeds makes no difference so long as it covers the hard ground and provides a consistent surface.

Whiffletree Hill Golf Course

Although I had a good time on that day, I can’t really recommend Whiffletree Hill as a golf destination. There are just too many other really good courses in the Jackson/Concord, Michigan area.


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Command Q Titanium Irons


Command Q Titanium Irons

An interesting design that uses a variety of technologies. I like the idea. From the Pinemeadow site:


Introducing the Command Titanium irons, the latest in our best-selling line. Unifying titanium iron technology with the wider soles of more modern irons creates a larger sweet spot for a more forgiving iron, perfect for all players looking to improve their iron game.

Titanium Face

The 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons merge a 6-4 titanium face into a 431 stainless steel body to provide an increased rebound for superior distance. By having a lighter and thinner titanium face in the irons it allows the weight of the club be pushed to the perimeter of the club maximizing the sweet spot. Since a softer feel is important when you are playing around the greens, the PW, AW and SW do not include a titanium face. We also want the extra weight to improve the launch angle, which is normal for all iron sets.

Perimeter Weighting

When you strike a golf ball, contact is made at the sole of the club. To increase the sweet spot, and create a more forgiving club, we want to move the weight closer to where the ball is at impact. Towards this end, we have incorporated the one-two punch of a mid-size sole and lighter, titanium, face. The mid-size sole of the club helps most golfers hit the ball cleaner. This has really helped improve iron play for all golfers.

The titanium face is lighter, allowing the weight to be distributed where it is more effective. This increases the MOI and creates a larger, more forgiving, hitting surface throughout the entire face.

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Werkmeister is Golf Association of Michigan Men’s Player of the Year


Tom Werkmeister of Kentwood has been named Golf Association of Michigan men’s Player of the Year.

In 2014, the 46 year old amateur:

  • reached the semifinals of the US Mid-Amateur Championship
  • won his sixth Michigan Mid-Amateur
  • won his eighth the West Michigan Amateur Championship
  • reached the round of 16 in the Michigan Amateur Championship
  • was runner up in the GAM Tournament of Champions
  • represented Michigan in the USGA State Team Championship
  • finished fourth among individuals in the USGA State Team Championship

    That’s a heckuva year, and to cap it all, he was named to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame. Full press release follows:


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    Legends Invitational Golf Event to Support Efforts of Navy SEAL Museum


    Sports legends and corporate executives will team up November 14 - 17 to raise money for the National Navy Seal Museum.

    The 24th Annual Legends Invitational will be played at Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill and Spanish Bay. The Invitational series features NFL greats and other sports legends playing with corporate executives to raise funds for charity. This year’s cause is the National Navy UDT-Seal museum, which is dedicated to preserving the history of the organization while honoring the fallen at the SEAL Memorial. The organization also cares for warrior families through their Trident House.

    Navy SEAL teams will take part in tactical demonstrations during the event, including parachuting, and rappelling from helicopters.

    It looks like a fun outing and is certainly a worthy cause. As many of you know, Mrs. GolfBlogger is a veteran, and we support military causes whenever possible.

    Full press release follows:


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    Bella Vista Golf Course Review

    Bella Vista-3271

    Bella Vista Golf Course
    Coldwater, Michigan

    Grade: B
    Teacher’s Comments: An enjoyable, but not particularly memorable course.

    Bella Vista—formerly Blackberry Patch—is a course at the heart of a planned (and partially executed) residential community. I am not generally a fan of residential community courses, but this one was a cut above. The difference is partially in the interesting terrain, and partially that the community is still largely unbuilt.

    Bella Vista measures 7,011 from the tips, where it plays to a 74.1/136. From the whites, it measures 6,094 and plays to a 70/132. Because of the carries required on many holes, you’ll want to choose your tees wisely. The carries did not bother me on that round, but both of my playing companions found themselves dropping balls

    Bella Vista-3266

    The terrain is a mix of field, forest and marsh. Some slight elevation changes also come into play, although none will really leave you guessing.

    Bella Vista’s layout consists of a nice mix of holes. Five of the holes bend to favor a fade; six to favor a draw. I counted some 40 bunkers, and water or marsh come into play on eight holes. Twelve of the holes are more or less wooded; the other six are routed across open fields.

    Bella Vista-3276

    My favorite hole was the 376 yard par 4 sixteenth (above) that plays with a slight dogleg left. The tee shot needs to clear a gulley, and the second stay clear of trees right. The green—as with many on the course, slopes toward the front.

    Bella Vista-3264

    I also really liked the par 4 tenth, a 387 yard dogleg right (above). A well placed tee shot carries a depression and lands on a following ridge. The shot needs to stay left to avoid overhanging trees on the right (which of course, is where I landed). From there, you’ll have a short iron shot to the green.  I like this because, even from the tips, it is a driver-mid-or-short-iron hole. The hole had recently been aerated, but I that’s typical on a fall day on a Michigan course. Just whisk the dirt clods away and play on.

    Bella Vista-3250

    The par 3 second (above) may be the most memorable hole, though. Measuring 208 from the back tees, and 178 from the whites, it requires a precise shot between stands of trees over a marsh to an unfriendly green.

    I found the greens at Bella Vista fairly easy to read and putt. My playing partners also managed to sink quite a few distance putts.

    Bella Vista-3252

    Conditions on the day I played were very good. Greens were in good shape, as were the tee boxes. Parts of some of the fairways were a bit bare, but it was nothing that would impede play. I was, however, dismayed by encroaching branches on several holes that made drives unnecessarily difficult (as in the photo above).

    I’m not sorry that I drove the hour and a half from GolfBlogger World Headquarters to play Bella Vista, but I don’t think I would do it again. It was a pleasant enough course, but not particularly memorable. If you do have a hankering to play, I suggest you do it before any more homes are built. The stakes for the lots make it pretty clear to me that the course will at some point be just another residential track.

    More photos follow:


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    Golf Tip A Day Calendar

    Golf Tip A Day photo TipADay-1030496_zpsc4d0d6b0.jpg

    Golf Tip A Day Interior photo TipADay-1030497_zpsc868b6a2.jpg

    Bill Kroen’s Golf Tip-a-Day 2015 Calendar

    Grade: A

    For twenty five years, golf professional Bill Kroen’s “Tip A Day” Calendar has offered players a steady supply of golf advice. As with anything of this sort, not every day will offer something of interest, but with 365 in one package, you’re sure to find enough to keep you going.

    This would make a pretty good Christmas gift for a golfer.

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