What Was Your Favorite Golf Ball In 2012?

December 26, 2012

Just curious. What was your favorite golf ball in 2012? I tried several, but in the end kept coming back to the Wilson Staff Duo. (see my review here). All season long it was for me the perfect combination of distance, feel and price 19.99 at Amazon.

Others I tried were the TaylorMade TP5, Callaway Warbird, Titleist SoLo, Bridgestone 330RX, Nike PD Long and PD Soft, and the Srixon Q Star.

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  • I seem to always come back to Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x.  Their price is too high but I never lay out any money for balls.  On occasion I will use credit card points to pick up a dozen “free” but mostly I get balls either by finding them or as gifts (i.e. a dozen for Christmas this year).  I play the found balls for casual play and use a couple new ones for tournaments.

    Do I play better with Pro V1’s?  I can’t quantify my performance with Pro V1 versus other balls.  Ultimately it is mainly mental; I think I will play better and that leads to greater confidence and thus better scores.

    I tried out the Titleist Velocity (not so good), Top Flite “Gamer” (not bad) and a variety of Bridgestone’s like E5 and E6 (not bad).  Someone gave me several sleeves of new Callaway HX Diablo that I used.  Good distance and straight but not so good around the greens - at least for the way I hit the ball.

    Posted by Brian Kuehn on 12/26

  • I play the cheapest balls I can find. Noodles are good enough for me. Pinnacle gives me good distance and are cheap.

    Posted by Oakland Golfer on 12/26

  • I briefly tried a Wilson and Taylor Made only because they were given to me.

    These golf balls were okay but still nothing like the current ones that I use.

    I’ve used the Titleist Pro V1x for the last 7 years and been really happy with them.

    I’ll continue to keep using the Titleist Pro V1x until they come out with something better and better priced.

    Posted by Troy Vayanos on 12/26

  • Played several kinds of Slazengers.

    Posted by Douglas on 12/27

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