Strike Alert Lightening Detector Review

May 28, 2005

Strike Alert

Strike Alert

Grade A

I seriously believe that this is one device that every serious golfer needs to have—especially if you play those more modern courses where the paths take you far, far from the clubouse. On several courses that I play regularly here in Michigan, the holes are so isolated amidst vast forests that you couldn’t hear a warning siren if your life depended on it—and it does.

The Strike Alert has two kinds of alarms—an audible one (which I can’t really hear) and a visual one in the form of a series of lights across the top of the pager-like device. The lights tell you whether there has been a strike, and the number of miles away.

It clips easily either on your belt, or on your bag.

I’m not sure how it works, but I know that it does. I was playing on my favorite northern Michigan course on a marginal weather day when I noticed the lights signaling that there had been a strike within 6 miles. So I hurried in (I walk, and it was a ways back.) I no sooner had come in sight of the clubhouse than the course’s alert siren went off.

I have also use it to monitor the course on any number of bad weather days while coaching high school golf.

Its been a good buy. You can get it at Golfsmith.

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