Scotch Eggs Recipe

December 24, 2012

Since we’re home (for once) this Christmas, I was looking for a few “christmas recipes” to try out. Interestingly, my web search turned up “scotch eggs.” Apparently, in some quarters, this is thought of as a Christmas delicacy. I think of it as a heart attack special.

The scotch egg consists of a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, and deep fried in an egg-and-breacdrumb batter. Various savory herbs—thyme, parsley and spring onion—are added to the mix. London department store Fortnum and Mason claims credit for the treat’s 1738 invention, but other sources credit this a a Mughal invention (the Mughal were the Muslim invaders, and later rulers, of India).

I’m not sure what the “scotch” connection is, but the stereotype is that the Scots boil or fry everything. Boiled eggs, deep fried fits this meme nicely.

Here’s a recipe from the BBC.


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