PowerPlay System Q Adrenaline Driver Review

June 28, 2012


PowerPlay System Q Adrenaline Driver

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Good bang for the buck

When you’ve maxed out size, moment of inertia and coefficient of restitution (COR), one remaining frontier in club design is clubhead speed. By optimizing the aerodynamics of the head, designers now are hoping to gain more clubhead speed, and thus more distance.

Hireko golf’s original design work with a wind tunnel has resulted in the design of the PowerPlay System Q Adrenaline. Like a Formula 1 race car, the idea is to keep the turbulence and resistance to a minimum, thus allowing maximum speed. Here’s a chart from Hireko:


Hireko builds these club heads from titanium, using a Plasma Arc Welding technique that creates smoother joints and requires less solder than the more commonly used gas tungsten arc welding. That method also allows Hireko to save 7 grams of weight, which are re-positioned to locations that improve distance and accuracy.

In practice, the club plays well. I won’t say it is my favorite, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, and plenty that is right. The System Q Adrenaline is more than long enough and has a nice ball flight. It compares favorably to the Nike I keep in my bag on a more-or-less permanent basis (I have a sentimental attachment).

As with most clubs from Hireko, the best thing about the System Q Adrenaline is the price/performance ratio. You can get this perfectly good club starting at around $100, with a variety of options, including shaft type, flex, length, grip type and grip size. Even with your best choices, you can still get a club that’s a third of the price of a name brand stick.

Finally, I like that fact that I can buy with confidence from Hireko, thanks to their 60-day playability guarantee. If I don’t like it, I can return it. That’s confidence on their part.

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