Phil Is Doomed

January 17, 2007

The Guardian is reporting that in an effort to become more competitive, Phil Mickelson has lost weight and changed his swing.

He’s doomed.

Anyone recall what happened to the golfer formerly known as David Duval image ? He let Tiger get into his head, lost weight and promptly dropped off the edge of the golfing world.

Now Phil has gone one better. He’s lost twenty five pounds AND he’s gone through a swing remake. Hey, if Tiger can do it ...

Of course, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether Tiger has anyting to do with this. But considering the way he gets into people’s heads on the course, there’s no reason to expect that he can’t get into their heads off the course, too.

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  • And on the opposite end-  JD looks like he put all the weight back on that he lost last year-  and showed the strongest play he had had in a year.  Maybe what he said last year about when he loses weight his swing gets so fast he loses control is true.

    And in other JD news, his Wynn grips commercials with Butch are funny enough, but I have to agree with the two of them that adding Natalie to the commercials is going to make them better.  (that has nothing to do with the original post, but I just had a random thought of Natalie in that commercial—:P )

    Posted by martin on 01/17

  • I for one would like to see JD make it back this year.

    Any time we can take a look at Natalie, it’s a good thing.

    Posted by The Original Golf Blogger on 01/17

  • No surprise that Callaway built a new driver for him, I would assume it would be one of the new square drivers.  Callaway is charging $500 for that thing, imagine if Phil can convince just a few consumers that they need both a draw and a neutral version of that club.

    Posted by martin on 01/18

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