How Does Temperature Affect Your Golf Ball Flight?

December 31, 2012

Advance to the 3m 20s spot to see the golf ball bit.

Mrs. GolfBlogger, the Lactation Consultant, suggested that I put my golf balls in a portable baby bottle warmer, such as this one:  BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack, Black

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  • But it it leagal to play with a warmed up ball?

    Posted by Michael Iser on 01/01

  • Interesting question. I’ll try to find out.

    Posted by The Original Golf Blogger on 01/01

  • A quick Binging (as opposed to Googling) uncovered an article about a golf ball warming device, in which a USGA official said that it wouldn’t be legal for tournament play to heat them during a round. You could, however, heat them prior.

    So ... boil the balls before heading out, then stick them in the insulated pocket of your bag.

    I wonder how long balls retain heat. I’d need a thermal sensor for that.

    Posted by The Original Golf Blogger on 01/01

  • In the off-season, though, when you’re not keeping handicap scores, I say by all means, heat them.

    Another thought: When playing in sunny weather, keep the balls in a mesh sack hanging from the outside of your bag so they warm as much as possible.

    Posted by The Original Golf Blogger on 01/01

  • Would a mesh sack be better or some sort of black vinyl sack which would attract as much solar heat as possible.

    Also, is it illegal if I am wearing flannel lined pants, keep a handwarmer in my pocket for my hands and a ball in the same pocket?  I will often rotate between two balls hole to hole just on chance anyway.  Also, in my other pocket is my iPhone, I am not keeping a ball or handwarmer in that pocket.

    Posted by martin on 01/02

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