Golf Blogger's Golf Blog Search Engine

Use the Golf Blogger's Golf Blog Search Engine to search the contents of 40 of the top golf blogs, including: 19th Hole Comedy; Armchair Golf Blog; Bad Golf; Blog.golfiq; Business Golf; Even Par Round; Going Pro Golf Blog; Golf Babes; Golf For Beginners; Golf.MostvaluableNetwork; Golf Chick; Golf Muse; Golf Duffer; Grouchy Golf; One Day Shot; Jam Boy; Jay Flemma; No Three Putts; Primary Rough; Sorta Golf; Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics; The Golf Bandit; Beginning Golfing; Bogey Lounge; Deep Rough; Eat Golf; Engolfed; Going For The Green; Golf Blogger (of course); Golf Punk ONline; Golf Times, Hooked On Golf Blog; Online Golf News, Ontario Golf; Shot Talk; Sir Shanks A Lot; Texas Golf, The Forward Tees, The Golf Drill Guru, Illogical Golf Blog; The Sand Trap and Wieblog.

The project is run by Google through a system that lets me restrict a regular Google search to particular sites. The beauty of this Engine is that it cuts out all of the spammy garbage sites that you find when running a search for golf information, and focuses on just sites written by real bloggers. If your blog is not listed in here, drop me a line and I'll consider it for inclusion.

And just for the record, there is no built-in bias toward GolfBlogger (or any other site, for that matter). Google displays them as Google sees fit. I simply provide a list of possible URLS and Google takes it from there.